Flashback: D-Genocide Supplement

Who doesn’t love a supplement in the middle of your daily newspaper?

Step back to the bicentennial year that is 1988. After jumping ship to Christopher Skase‘s Channel 7 from a successful two season run at the ABC, The D-Generation troupe whipped up four specials for the network: The D-Generation Goes Commercial, D-Genocide, and The D-Generation’s Tribute To Roy Smeck (The D-Generation Country Homestead was done in 1989).

From our archives, we look at the second special created – D-Genocide. A precursor to The Olden Days and Bargearse shown on The Late Show, the team redubbed clips of the Crawford Production police drama series Homicide from the 1960s, and used some of the bits as segues or breaks between sketches.

Sydney Morning Herald – Sunday October 9, 1988
Sydney Morning Herald – October 10, 1988
D-Genocide review – The Age – October 11, 1988

Not to forget, if you have worn out your VHS or DVD copy, you can get the ‘Best Of’ compilation of all four specials mentioned above in The Best And The Second Best of The Original D-Generation on iTunes for the low price of $9.99AU here.


    • Scott McPhee on December 24, 2018 at 6:48 pm
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    I remember staying up to watch these specials with my brother. The first one was The D-Generation Goes Commercial. At the time, our appraisal of it was,

    “It was funny, but it wasn’t as funny as The Comedy Company.

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