Hart: “I do remember my heart sinking by the time I did see it”

On Saturday 12th December 1992, Australia watched a lampoon of what would be an iconic music video from a popular Australian pop-folk band Frente and their hit song “Accidently Kelly Street“.

While we all laughed at Tony Martin, Mick Molloy and Santo Cilauro dress up as the band members and mimic the music video and Jane Kennedy doing her best rendition of lead singer Angie Hart, not many people knew how the actual band thought about it.

It is on record (on the Champagne Edition Best Bits of The Late Show DVD) with Mick Molloy explaining on the commentary track that the girlfriend of a band member had ‘dumped him’ after the parody, we spoke directly to Hart about her thoughts on the satirical sketch, nearly 30 years later after the original broadcast.

To hear the full interview, listen to Episode 20 of the Champagne Comedy Podcast – a fan podcast made by fans, for the fans.

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A big thank you to Angie Hart for the chat.

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