Anderson: “It’s a Badge – you’ve got to have that sort of thing”

Saturday June 5, 1993 marked the return of The Late Show on ABC TV. The D-Generation were fresh from nearly an entire year of rest, along a makeover of the show. A new cast member Judith Lucy, a new brighter set, and new sketches.

One of these new sketches was Charlie The Wonderdog, starring four children known collectively as “The Pissweak Kids”.  Starring Tom Gleisner’s dog Charlie, veteran actor Charles (Bud) Tingwell, the concept was so pissweakery – think the hallmarks of Skippy but on a budget and with intentional bad acting. The Pissweak Kids would get into or discover debacles, with Charlie coming to save the day.

The oldest Pissweak Kid, Justin Anderson, spoke with the Champagne Comedy podcast team to talk about being part of the show and what was involved in filming the popular series. Here’s a tiny snippet from Episode 21 of the podcast where Season 2 Episode 1 of The Late Show was discussed:

To hear the full interview, as well as a chat with TV Historian Andrew Mercado about the synopsis of the Paradise Beach sketch, listen to Episode 21 of the Champagne Comedy Podcast – a fan podcast made by fans, for the fans.

Full podcast episode:

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This podcast has no direct association with the Working Dog team, the ABC, and Co.

If you want to read the 2012 interview with Justin and brother Nic, read here.

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