‘Have You Been Paying Attention?’ wins while Tony Martin’s voiceover slays at the Logies 2018

It was Australian Television’s night of nights, and it was fantastic.

The 60th Annual TV Week Logie Awards were held for the first time on the Gold Coast (“LOOK! Warner Brothers Movie World!”), a far cry from their traditional Melbourne home, where all the glitz and glamour presented themselves at The Star Casino in Broadbeach.

On Sunday, host of Have You Been Paying Attention? Tom Gleisner was present to receive the Logie for Most Popular Comedy Program on behalf of the entire team.

Tom Gleisner accepting the 2018 Logie for Most Popular Comedy Program for HYBPA

But the highlight of the entire night was Tony Martin, who had the honour of being the main voiceover for the Logies.

Tony Martin doing the voiceover

From obscure TV references (Willing and Abel), rattling off a list of The Bachelor spin-offs (The Bachelor Goes To Monte Carlo is something we’d all love to see), using the phrase ‘Piss-farting around’, and to go and hang with Lachy Hulme and Shaun Micallef for ‘champagne and pingas’,  he was the highlight of the night. If we get time, we might put up a Tony highlights package down the track…

UPDATE 2018-07-05: A few jokes were missed in the first video, here’s the ‘cutting room floor’ extras.

While he was a hit, some people just didn’t get the humour or know who he was:

You can watch the entire presentation on 9Now until the 29th July. It’s free, but you’ll need to register.


  1. Nice work from Tony Martin. Now I’ll need to watch the Logies from start to finish just to hear his work.

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