Tom Gleisner receives Queen’s Birthday Honours

Photo: Channel 10 Twitter

A big congratulations is in order to Tommy G at the Newsdesk!

Tom Gleisner, part of the D-Generation, The Late ShowFrontline, All Aussie Adventures, Have You Been Paying Attention? etc creation, is now a recipient of the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Alongside many others this year (Even Anne f**king Wills*), Gleisner can now slap Officer of the Order of Australiaor (AO) against his name on his Working Dog business cards, for his service to television as a writer, producer, actor and presenter, including  his support of young people with autism spectrum disorders.

This is such an amazing feat – well done.

To see the full list, visit here.

* This is a “Get This” Richard Marsland joke reference, so there’s no disregard to Wills.


  1. Congratulations, Tommy G.

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