HYBPA and The Cheap Seats return for 2022

This is the news you’ve come here for, so we’ll get straight to it. Working Dog are busy…

Melanie Blackwell and Tim McDonald

The Cheap Seats, which was a surprise hit after making its debut in 2021 (with hosts Melanie Blackwell and Tim McDonald) taking apart the news with a humourous twist, returns for a second season on Tuesday April 26, 2022 on Channel 10.

A new season of Have You Been Paying Attention? which enters its 10th season (with Quizmaster Tom Gleisner and regular panellists Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang) returns real soon on Channel 10.

No date has been set as yet, but going by previous release dates, it’s around May. (Will update when the date is 100% confirmed).

Update: HYBPA returns Monday May 16, 2022 at the regular time slot of 8:30-ish.

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