HYBPA Episode 1 Recap

The "Super Challenge" with a budget.

The “Super Challenge” with a budget.

The somewhat quietly promoted Have You Been Paying Attention? made its debut on Sunday at 7pm on Channel 10, with host Tom Gleisner looking comfortable and ready for business.

A simple yet colourful studio setup with five contestants: 1/3 of Santo Sam & Ed Ed KavaleeJane Kennedy, radio personalities Troy Kinne and Rachel Corbett, and the other 1/3 of Santo Sam & Ed Sam Pang.

The quiz itself covered local and international news, sports and other events. With sharp and quick-witted answers for a quick laugh and amusement, it’s a gag-a-second entertainment. Fans of Working Dog and Santo, Sam & Ed would already know how the chemistry of Kavalee, Pang and Gleisner work together. (See their podcast for more). Kennedy takes the friendly and more mature approach, echoing her famous appearance on Sale Of The Century  20 years ago (sorry, making you feel old).

With four rounds crammed into a 22 minute block, each right (or close to right) answer was rewarded points. However, at the end of the show, the points don’t really matter, other than to win a perspex trophy which was probably a melted down and recycled Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation trophy. Most of the questions asked by Gleisner were supported by images or video footage.

I'll have the 'Home Viewer' please.

I’ll have the ‘Home Viewer’ please.

Kinne and Corbett blended in perfectly, with a few pop culture references thrown in. When it came to the third round “News Maker” segment, where each contestant has a special topic that’s known to them, some secrets come out – Corbett knowing a little too much about UK pop boy group One Direction. Even Kennedy knows so much about reality TV stars The Kardashians, it’s frightfully disturbing. But we forgive.

Round four consisted on a ‘fast money’ round, where it was Quick-Draw McGraw for all 5, but Kavalee and Corbett came out on top.

If you are unfamiliar with the background and style of humour that Working Dog present, then you have a lot to catch up on. It’s not a TAYG / Sale Of The Century / Good News Week / Spicks & Specks / Tractor Monkeys / panel type show. It’s purely for fun and a great giggle to wind down your weekend. As long as they keep the vibrant personalities coming in (apparently Kavalee and Pang will be regulars) and keep it sharp and quick, it’ll be one of the most entertaining game shows around.

And for the hardcore fan like yourself – there was no Papadums, Tonga, King Wally Lewis, Menagers, Burl-esk jokes. But it doesn’t hurt to tweet or yell them out at home. You know you did one of them.

Have You Been Paying Attention? 7pm Sundays Channel 10. Encore screening 10:30pm later that night.

If you missed out on the 1st episode, or want to catch up on future screenings – view at TenPlay.

Also check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

Might as well get this out of the system too.


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