“It’s John Blackman here from Telecom Mobilenet…”

Veteran TV and Radio personality John Blackman passed away on Tuesday 4th June after battling illness for years.

Known for his decades long stint of the voice of Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Blackman was a humorous prime target for mockery on The Late Show, in which he was the voice for a Telecom Mobilenet advertising campaign (errr.. Telstra), where he introduced himself as “It’s John Blackman here from Telecom Mobilenet”.

The infamous sound bite became a running joke throughout Season Two of The Late Show thanks to visual telephone gags during Tommy G at the News Desk.

Here at ChampagneComedy.com, we’ve put together an unofficial montage of these jokes. While the news is extremely dated and of its era of 1993, Blackman’s catchphrase is iconic and will warm your nostalgic hearts.


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