Joy of Sets: Episode 6 ratings


The ratings are in for this week’s sixth episode of The Joy Of Sets – “Who Killed Warwick Capper?”. Since being bumped out of 9pm to the ‘special time’ 10:30pm timeslot last week, ratings have slightly improved from 191,000 (episode 5 with new time) to 242,000 (episode 6).

While not Yasmin’s Getting Married type of ratings, it shows that the Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee fans are still staying up to watch Tony’s brain work overtime to try and simplify the funand interesting stories and moments in television.

If you missed out on the breakdown of characters being entertainingly killed off, or even the best ways on how to kill off Alan Dale in any tv show, check out the episode on FixPlay when available. It’ll count toward the ratings this show needs to keep afloat.

Also, Warwick Capper got kicked off Celebrity Apprentice, so if you want more Capper jokes, The Joy Of Sets is your only option.


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