Mick Molloy Embassador for ‘The Elevenses’

Source: theelevenses.org

In a combat to fight third world hunger, Mick Molloy has been enlisted to be the embassador for The Elevenses.

The Elevenses is not a movement or campaign, but a project to raise funds to help those facing malnutrition and disease in the Horn of Africa.

The rules are simple – donate $11AU by 11th November 2011 (11/11/11) and the Australian Government will match it dollar for dollar. So if you donate $11, the Government will donate $11, totalling = $22. The target is to get $1,111,111 by 11th November.


To find out more information, visit Mick at the official site: The Elevenses – http://www.theelevenses.org/

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