Joy of Sets: Episode 7 Ratings

What else could go wrong with The Joy Of Sets on Tuesday night? 222,000 – down 20,000 from last week, but still higher than Episode 5 . One right up the bracket, anyone?

Anyway, it was extremely pleasant and rib-tickling to see the legendary Pete Smith make an appearance, especially announcing old Martin/Molloy and Get This references. We’ve always wanted to hear “Up next, THE COMMISH!” again. Even Frank Butcher from Eastenders made an appearance.

If you missed the show last night, hit the official Fixplay site to get the view hits up before Yasmin’s Getting Married knocks at their door. Come Logies time, they might only be able to apply for the Bermagui Bronze Logie.


  1. Last night’s was the best episode yet. Mr Copperart was on fire.

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