Joy of Sets: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

When you’ve finished watching Dufflecoat Supreme recover after winning the Melbourne Cup with a case of gout, stay awake to watch episode 7 of The Joy Of Sets on Channel 9  at 10:30pm tonight. In this themed episode “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee break down the ever-growing list of television bombs and failures.

(You never know, they could list Funky Squad, The Mick Molloy Show and The Nation!)

Some areas that will be covered are:

  • Why did they go wrong?
  • Was it bad acting?
  • Was it a bad set up?
  • Did it have an unrealistic timeslot?
  • Did it star Warwick Capper?
  • Was it lacking sizzle, traction and cut-through?

Get on it, before they add their own name to the list.. 🙁

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