Late Show cast in new political series

Some of the old Late Show cast is working on a new political satire/drama, The Hollowmen, to air on the ABC on July 9.
Working Dog, the production company co-founded by Late Show alumni including Santo Cilauro, Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner, began taping the new show recently.
The Hollowmen is thought to be named after TS Eliot’s famous poem of the same name, which references the corruption inherent in modern politics.
Information on the content of the new series is scarce but it is understood that Santo Cilauro and Rob Sitch will be part of the cast. Recently they have tended to work behind the scenes on creations such as Thank God You’re Here.

According to an article in the Perth Sunday Times:

Created and produced by Working Dog, the series features an ensemble cast: Lachy Hulme (The Matrix Reloaded), David James (All Saints), Neil Melville (Underbelly), Rob Sitch (Frontline) and introducing radio host Merrick Watts with Jacquie Brennan (City Homicide), Rob Carlton (Chandon Pictures), Santo Cilauro (Frontline), Stephen Hall (The King) and Nicola Parry (Thank God You’re Here).

The Hollowmen focuses on the workings of an internal think tank called the Central Policy Unit.

Set up by the Prime Minister, this Unit is charged with developing a “long term policy vision?.

Their job is to stop worrying about tomorrow’s headlines – and start worrying about next week’s.

Discuss this on the forum and find out more insider info from those in the know. Spies say it is very much like Frontline, with a hand-held documentary style approach. If you haven’t already joined, there is a Late Show related question that needs to be answered before you can join – it should be very easy if you’ve ever watched the show!

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