More on The Hollowmen!

From the article Sitch In Time:

“As far as I can tell, Tony [Rob Sitch] is a variation on Frontline’s Mike Moore, his prevailing characteristic the same gormless naivety, his life a series of defeats, humiliations, pratfalls and disasters. He suggests that everything in his world is under control and yet also about to go hideously wrong. But there is a desperate, unwavering good cheer about him.”

“Sitch and Cilauro work together closely, even finishing each other’s sentences like a long-time married couple. Many collaborators develop a professional empathy… But these Working Dog people go deeper. There is obvious respect and affection, and each appears to supply what the others lack in areas that have nothing to do with their work. It is as though they regard the crazy goings on in the world with the same degree of amazement.”

You can also view a short clip, here.

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