Merry Christmas Champagne Comedy fans!

To everyone who has supported this site by visiting the forums and participating in the brilliant discussion, we salute you!
2007 has been the biggest year for the Champagne Comedy site and its illustrious forums. Let me give you a small sampling of highlights from the website and the D-Generation world:

  • In the members’ only forum, the Get This discussion thread has had more than two thousand posts and just under 50,000 views!
  • Mick Molloy’s show, The Nation, lasted one season to lacklustre reviews
  • Our most prolific new member was undoubtedly menagers who joined in April and has racked up more than 700 posts already and scanned in countless wonderful memorabilia {CORRECTION!} Actually, although baudrillard hasn’t done as many posts as menagers he joined in June and therefore on a per-month average he has posted about the same amount!
  • The Bargearse/Olden Days DVD was released
  • Alf Camilleri, The Late Show prop man, passed away at the beginning of 2007 – RIP Alf.
  • Lucky Grills, aka Bargearse, also passed away in July 2007 – he’ll be sadly missed.
  • Tony Martin’s radio show, Get This was axed and the last show aired in November. Save Get This rallies and farewell dos were prevalent across the globe; including the London one attended by yours truly—we even got our voices heard on Tony’s show. We’re sure Tony will be back very soon in some shape or form!
  • The majority of visitors are regulars and type the web address of this site in directly. However the top ten search terms in 2007 were: champagne comedy, the late show, bargearse dvd, billy joel, forum, save get this, tony martin mick molloy feud, shitscared, tanya blencowe and martin molloy.
  • The forum now has 349 registered members with at least 100 of these members being active (that is, logging in and viewing or writing posts).
  • A record number of Late Show videos (at least 120) is now available on YouTube (join the group), grabbing the attention of Tony and countless new fans. Spread the word, people!
  • The Champagne Comedy Facebook group, started up by Shitscared, now has more than 600 members!

So, with those statistics and factoids, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008.

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