Santo the Magnificent for Archibald Prize!

Late Show fan Daniel Sanger is painting Santo Cilauro as his famous Santo the Magnificent character and entering the creation in the (even more) famous Archibald Prize portrait competition!

Santo told The Daily Telegraph:

“It’s so surreal, it’s ridiculous. The artist, as a kid, was obsessed with (the ABC comedy) The Late Show and wanted to paint me as a character from the show. I thought, ‘That’s crazy, I’ll do it’. ”

Santo has posed for some photographs. Sanger said on his blog: “He was such a good sport and was incredibly generous with his time. He really is such a nice guy – exactly as you’d expect him to be! I have the utmost respect for him and thank him enormously. After numerous photographs and sketches I had all the information I required to begin the painting.”

You can check out the painting’s progress on Daniel’s blog.

The Santo the Magnificent Clip, if you’re unfamiliar (and you shouldn’t be!)



Addendum: Sadly Daniel’s portrait didn’t make the final cut. It’s now for sale—contact him if interested.


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