Obscure Late Show Locations #621: The Marrickville Dental Surgery

Anyone who’s a fan of The Late Show will remember the time Mick and Tony took to the streets of Sydney and interviewed people about their reaction to Sydney winning the 2000 Olympic Games.

So many legendary quotes.

I”I’ve heard most of the big Olympic decisions have been made on the bus trip to Bowral.”

“Pull [your daks] up two or three inches mate.”

“What will you be doing in the year 2000? Going through puberty possibly.”

“That’s what happens when you take your John Fahey impression a little too seriously.”

“Gotta get that cap!” “Get that get that quick!”

“Thanks very much Senator Bronwyn Bishop.”

“Do Graham and the Colonel know you’ve got their jacket?”

And of course, the classic discussion of the potential Olympics theme song.

The “Jump in my car” classic moment happened in front of the dental surgery on Marrickville Road. Which is still there. That’s why one rainy weekend our roving reporter Matt and his mate Seb drove there to see how it looks now. Check out the video!

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