Loose Talk, Foolish Pod Behaviour

If you are a subscriber to the Champagne Comedy Podcast (thank you), you would know we are working through the catalogue of The D-Generation / Working Dog‘s works. While we are on hiatus from completing Season One of Frontline, we have made a random bonus episode!

Behind the Scenes of Hard Quiz: Hester’s Late Show Specialty

In this unconventional bonus episode, Hester takes us behind the scenes of her time playing ABC TV’s Hard Quiz. But what’s truly intriguing is her specialty subject: The Late Show. Fans of this iconic late-night Australian television show are in for a treat as Hester shares anecdotes, trivia, and insider stories. Imagine diving deep into the world of your favourite TV show with someone who was part of it!

Going ‘Daily Mail’ Viral: The Madness of Mason Hell-Cat

Mason Hell-Cat, a regular contributor to Champagne Comedy, explains his wild experience of going ‘Daily Mail‘ viral. We all know that the Daily Mail loves a good story, and Mason found himself right in the middle of one. From the crazy events that led to his viral fame to the aftermath of dealing with internet trolls and admirers, Mason’s story is one for the books.

A Special Guest Appearance by Tony Wilson

No bonus episode is complete without a special guest appearance, and this one is no exception. Author, Media Personality, and D-Gen nerd Tony “Good one, Wilson!” Wilson joins the fun. With his witty banter and insightful commentary, Tony adds an extra layer of humour and nostalgia to the episode, such as how he became friends with the cast of the D-Gen, how he nearly became the third chair on Santo, Sam & Ed, and his contribution to Tony Martin‘s SIZZLETOWN.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a ‘loose and foolish’ bonus episode without a healthy dose of tangents and banter. Expect the unexpected we take you on a rollercoaster ride of hilarious digressions and spontaneous conversations. After all, sometimes, it’s the unplanned moments that make for the most entertaining content.

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