Santo, Sam & Ed Return

Santo, Sam & Ed mapping out their next appearance.

Santo, Sam & Ed mapping out their next appearance.

The crazy guys at Santo, Sam & Ed HQ are returning!

Since wrapping up Santo, Sam & Ed’s Sports Fever! on 7Mate early April 2012, the guys kept the bond going via the Santo, Sam & Ed Podcast (which we unofficially dubbed Pod Fever!.. you know, to keep it consistent). After 25 entertaining episodes, the cast disappeared while other projects were worked on. But fans demanded more.

Santo CilauroSam Pang and Ed Kavalee will grace our LED/LCDs again through the magic of Fox Sports for Santo, Sam & Ed’s Total Football.

Starting Monday October 14 on Fox Sports One, the guys will be taking their own point of view on the A-League coverage. Commentary, jokes, and according to a Twitter conversation – Bin Night may return.

Now I know not everyone has access to Foxtel, so here’s a quick guide on how to achieve legal access to it.

Please note: We have no association with Foxtel whatsoever. This information supplied is “at the time” basis. The plans and prices change consistently, and access to Foxtel may not be available in your area – so please take your time and research before signing up to anything and make sure it is in your budget.

  • If you do not have Foxtel, check out their various plans/rates/contracts at
  • If you already have Foxtel, check your account package to see if you have access to the Sports pack. Usual standard Foxtel access is the Essentials package as default, so it may cost you an extra $ a month to get the package added on.
  • If you want Foxtel but do not want a long term contract, there’s currently a limited time offer of a “No Contract” access with cable/satellite and set top box. Fox Sports One is under the Sports pack.
  • If you want Foxtel but no contract and no set top box but you have a kick-arse internet connection and awesome download limit, Foxtel Play is your best bet. This streams Foxtel on your XBOX 360, PC, MAC and/or Samsung Smart TV with a software installation. You can build your package. Fox Sports One is under the Sports pack.
  • Find a friend who has access and get to know them a little better every Monday 🙂

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