Audrey’s Utopia

Rob Sitch (L) Tom Gleisner (C) Santo Cilauro (R) Everyone else (Missing)

Rob Sitch (L) Tom Gleisner (C) Santo Cilauro (R) Everyone else (Missing)

The fine folk at Working Dog have been busy people of late.

While in 2013 had their previous television innings of Santo, Sam and Ed’s Sports Fever! and repeats of The Hollowmen and Audrey’s Kitchen, the announcement of a new political satire has come to fruition.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Michael Idato reports of an eight part comedy series Utopia – which dives in head first into the world of ‘property developments, desalination plants’ and everything in between. It sounds very much like The Hollowmen but centralised to local state areas instead of the larger federal government.

Utopia is set to air in 2014. Click the above link article for more details.

Audrey Gordon:

Audrey Gordon

On the other side of the Working Dog office wall, everyones’ favourite and brutally honest kitchen favourite Audrey Gordon (Heidi Arena) is returning for a second season of Audrey’s Kitchen, October 7 on the ABC.

Here’s a ‘censored’ scene that the WD team have released which was:


You can purchase season 1 of Audrey’s Kitchen via iTunes.


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