Santo, Sam & Ed’s Sports Fever! (SSESF) S01E01 Ratings


Well, after a few false starts with the scheduled time (originally 10;30pm, then moved to 10:45pm, only to have Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris still teasing the kids about how their dad met their mother), Santo, Sam & Ed’s Sports Fever! finally got the ball rolling a few minutes before 11pm.

The show was an exact image of Cup Fever! when on SBS, minus the soccer. Covering a hour long broadcast in front of a live studio audience who were quite close enough to the stage, that you could nearly touch Ed Kavalee‘s knees, the desk was similar to The Panel desk used, give or shave off a few centimetres. A cozy studio setup, Santo Cilauro, Sam Pang and Ed sat together comfortably like an old pair of shoes, and the jokes started flying nearly straight away.

It was amusing where some funny incidents were shown during some sporting events (John Newcombe‘s oriental accent, Miley Cyrus and the tennis), but not being too sure if some scenes were legit or not, still made for a funny grab or a ‘me no rikey!’ moment. With special guest retired basketballer Vlade Divac who gelled in quite well for a first guest, and Seven Sports journalist Chris Jones giving a part-serious summary of a sports wrap coverage, Sports Fever! did a decent 236,000 viewers – considering the late start.

A few sports tragics have noted that rugby wasn’t covered, or barely touched at all, as well as a few other sports, but as it is still finding ground and the season hasn’t started yet, the show will still grow and develop more content as it goes.

Hot tip: If you can’t stay up until late and DVR the show, make sure you give about 5 minutes to start recording before hand, and about 15 minutes of extra end time.

If you missed the show, watch it online for the next seven days here.

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    • matt on February 2, 2012 at 2:37 pm
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    Does anyone have a copy of the first episode? I am in UK and 7 doesn’t allow overseas viewers on their website 🙁

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