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We just can’t get enough of Working Dog lately. 2012 seems to be their year of shows and films. Other than Any Questions For Ben (out Feb 9) and Sports Fever! hitting our screens, one more ace Working Dog have up their sleeves is Pictures Of You – a show that loosely touches on This Is Your Life but with photos from the subject’s past, highlighting the good and bad times of their life. (Pictures Of You will be shown on Channel 7 later this year).

More publicity rounds are happening (Bring it on!) and it seems that one of the journalists at Fairfax, Andrew Murfett, is a big D-Generation/The Late Show fan, asking a few questions to subject Santo Cilauro that would usually fly under the radar and not get published. The prominent questions, which would answer a lot for people who have requested on Facebook and the forum, are:

Speaking of The Late Show, will Graham and the Colonel be appearing?

There’ll be no Graham and the Colonel. There are requests … The sad thing about Graham and the Colonel is that Rob [Sitch] genuinely needs a wig and I have grey hair. When we get to that point, you think they’ve had their day on television. But then again, you never know, they might come back. We still have the green jackets somewhere.

The Late Show has never screened again. Have you ever thought about allowing reruns to air?

Things like rerunning stuff, we don’t think much about. We really just look to the future. We get asked on a regular basis if we can make a sequel to The Castle. It almost takes no thought at all. We just don’t want to travel backwards. So repeating The Late Show, there’s almost like a statute of limitations on how far you could go back. We even thought a couple of years ago about whether we’d redo The Panel again. But there’s a certain time you’ve gone forward too far. I suspect The Late Show looks better in DVD bites. If you went back and watched a whole episode, the romance of it might be tarnished just a bit. It’s a long hour.

Santo isn’t wrong about the DVD bites. Having seen all 40 episodes from video, there were a few train wreck sketches and incidents that I personally didn’t remember when they were first screened back in 1992. But seeing them now, it still makes it…. Champagne Comedy!

More indepth Q&A on the Sydney Morning Herald article here.

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