Sports Fever! S01E02 Ratings


With a slightly earlier start of 10:40pm (technically it was 10:43pm as per my watch), the perfectly timed second episode of Sports Fever! with “Santo, Sam and Ted” raked in 200,000 late night viewers. Sure, it’s a little down from their premiere first episode last week, but… well…

I have nothing. It was still entertaining, nonetheless.

Maybe we were all burnt out from so much Superbowl, or we didn’t know much about the game. Either way, after having Yankee comedian Jeff Stilson coming in to explain in simpleton terms the game, and former AFL-cum-NFL player Ben Graham come in to show off his sparkle, it all started to make sense. Another highlight was showing off the swan-lake style failed catches in cricket, and Sam Pang doing his street talk to the kids at the T20 games. Kinda cute.

After reading some backlash about Sports Fever! not covering football/rugby so far – maybe because the game isn’t in season yet and will most likely get reported on closer to date. All about patience, entertainment, and me-no-rikey jokes…

PS: Ed – no more product placement name jokes.

If you missed the show, it’s repeated Tuesdays 8:30pm on 7Mate, and online on Plus7 when available. Don’t forget to see behind the scenes photos and videos on the official Sports Fever! Facebook page.

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