Remembering: Paradise Beach

Part two of our irregular “Remembering” theme to mark 20 years since The Late Show, does anyone remember the epicly popular (and that term is used loosely) Channel 9 soap drama Paradise Beach from 1993?

Maybe this is a refresher… dare you to watch as much of it as you can.

..or, you can watch the 2 minute sypnosis of the cliche ridden show, as seen through the eyes of The Late Show cast. LOOK! Warner Brothers Movie World! From Season Two.


  1. Paradise Beach, how could I forget, especially with dialogue like;

    “You treat girls like a bowl of noodles.
    Hot one minute, cold and gone the next.”

    At which point Tori shoves Kirk into a swimming pool behind him.

    • Scott McPhee on August 16, 2014 at 2:15 pm
    • Reply

    I’ve just returned from a holiday in the USA. I spotted Kimberley Joseph (former star of Paradise Beach, Lost, and other shows), appearing in a long form commercial for a new innovation in wheelbarrows.

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