Sports Fever! S01E06 Ratings

Source: 7Mate

The sweet smelling Snato, Stan & Reg get to their sixth episode spectacular (second episode in high definition), reaching  the same 42,000 audience as last week, but this time via foot-cam, and 68,000 on glove box-cam for the weekend viewers who just woke up (It did start at 11:40pm on Seven).

Covering some motor racing, more cricket (don’t worry – Indian Summer DVD box set will fill the void), and “surprise!” NRL for the league fans, even Santo Cilauro puts in his nominations for the Schmeichel Award for complete anger management in soccer (which resembles the classic “Mike Gatting Goes F**K” competition).

If you weren’t distracted by Mark Bresciano‘s constant flood of tweets and another classic installment of Aussie Bronze, love-in segment Are They Gonna Pash?  returned, with a submission from the passionate darts tournament which led into slow-mo football and cricket man-on-man action. Former Track and Field turned Sports Commentator David Culbert joined the desk to give a rundown for olympic game qualifications on the field. With regular reporter Chris Jones being lured by Clive Palmer Unhinged perfume worn by Sam Pang, another segment Silky Skills showcased smooth playing by all sports, and the darts tournament was under the spotlight for We Watched It So You Didn’t Have To… if Sam couldn’t get past the silver norgs on the screen.Ed Kavalee clearly pointed out the OH&S issue with the sport.

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