Sports Fever! S01E05 Ratings

Source: 7Mate

The caucus votes are in.

It seems that the general public love the 8:30pm timeslot and a move to high definition television. So much so, that 42 000 people loved seeing Tanto, Tonto & Ted so clear and lifelike, it was almost they were in your living room.

It may seem lower-than-normal ratings, there was some stiff competition with Alcatraz, Revenge and the Oscars at the 8:30pm time slot. The HD channels only cover 1 – 3% of the ratings system. Not all regions in Australia have access to HD channels, yet alone a HD box (SD boxes do not pick up HD channels, unless they’re re-broadcasted on a secondary SD channel – just like ONE HD did a few years ago before SD channel ELEVEN came along). The replay on Channel 7 was around 81 000 viewers. (Thanks to TV Tonight for the insight.)

More cricket stabs were off the bat (pun intended) which was amusing as the Allan Border Medal was being shown on a rival channel. Highlights of an emotional good luck rugby game, anxiety in soccer, and even Socceroo player Mark Bresciano has dusted off his diary from Cup Fever! to give a Socceroo qualifier entry. Motor Racing legend Rick Kelly dropped in to have an indepth chat about the up and coming motor sport racing, and another Cup Fever! segment Who To? came back for some superb dodgy ball kicking. There was even a satellite cross to Jeremy “Rin” Lin in New York, in which Sam Pang mysteriously had to sneak out to see the Allan Border Medal updates.

A very funny installment to Sports Fever!, so if you miss the 8:30pm timeslot, the same episode repeats later on Channel 7 at roughly 11:30pm that night, if lucky. Always check out the Facebook page for updates and changes. Available also on Plus7 when you get a chance as well, 7 days within its broadcast.

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