Sports Fever! S01E07 Ratings

Source: 7Amigo

Sandra, Sean and Fred grabbed the audience by the balls on Monday night with 47,000 eyes on the fly buzzing around the studio while chomping down on Clive Palmer Chips (5,000 up from last week). While 94,000 weekend viewers caught the late night session replayed on Seven’s main channel. It’s good to see Seven are still replaying the show, no matter how late it starts. A slight increase from the last two weeks, which is great.

 Sam Pang hit the streets to find Wellington A-League supporters, while bloopers and stacks-on ahoy in football and rugby. Peter Siddle put on his QC hat to explain some dead-ball cricket, former Soccer champion John Aloisi dropped by for some soccer chat, and female Basketballer Jenna O’Hea towering over Ed Kavalee in retro ‘mad monday’ gear to talk the ball in the basket.

Special guests Lionel Messi and Carles Puyol were brought to us live from Channel 7’s Barcelona station 7Amigo, who looked like a splitting image of Santo Cilauro, while segments Silky Skills and Bin Night returned (Fingers crossed that one day, a bin featured in Bin Night would be red) Sam finally got the best joke of the night with the Annie musical reference.

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