Classic D-Generation MICF

Even though it was repeated from Channel 10 March 2011, their sister station ONE HD replayed the 25 Years Of The Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Showing the best of comedians who have performed over the 25 years, The D-Generation made their appearance with their famous “Courtroom Sketch”.

Featuring Tom Gleisner, Rob Sitch and Santo Cilauro, the performance has Rob – the Lawyer / QC trying to get the Accused – played by Santo – off the case he’s been taken to court for. With an uninterested Judge – played by Tom, the Lawyer does his best to ask the Accused questions that could easily help him get away with the crime, but the Accused insists he did the deed.

The sketch shown begins at 1:10 mark. It is slightly longer than the version that is on the Best And Second Best Of The D-Generation DVD.

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