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Sanji, Zumia, and Zed sped across the finish line on Monday night with spectacular coverage of the F1 Grand Prix and Australian Swimming Championships. (Figures to come soon, had only obtained Brisbane’s figures of 24,000 due to glitch from our side so we’re still working on it – to be updated.)

Channel 7 Grand Prix Commentator Matty Bradfield, who seems to be the twin sibling of Rob Sitch, was still in the pit lane trackside, did a live cross. Olympian Shot-Putter Dale Stevenson was added to the list of Aussie Bronze, and more sporting bloopers and highlights were shown from soccer. After seeing the future of swimmer Ian Thorpe appear in Dancing With The Stars thanks to a fancy touch-screen TV, even more cricket was discussed with cricket tragic and The Chaser stuntman Chas Licciardello as a desk guest.

With We Watched It So You Didn’t Have To, Ed Kavalee‘s entry was Snooker championships in Germany with commentary that wasn’t so weight-pleasant. Sam Pang copped some Downhill Skiing Slopestyle Championships in France with some “semen genie grab” line, and Santo Cilauro watching Cycling, dumbfounded by Scottish commentary.

Channel 7’s Sporting journo regular Chris Jones gave some more in depth Swimming Championships coverage. Silky Skills showed how much sport is perfectly errorless, while Sam crossed over to the F1 Grand Prix track side again with “Frank” and “Frank”, sharing the same birthdays. After a ‘prancing horse’ from Tom Gleisner and crowd, the autocue played silly buggers on Sam, which echoed a history of The Late Show with improv humour. To wrap up the night, Bin Night came back… alas – no red bin.

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    • Michael Lucas on March 22, 2012 at 4:36 am
    • Reply

    Hi Guys,

    My housemate and I love your show and laugh our arses off every week.

    We especially laugh at Ed when he tries to find which camera to face….which has led us to his nickname of Ed “Where’s the camera” Kavalee.

    We don’t know if he does this on purpose or the director is taking the piss out of him but we love it….

    And a big LOL to Sam “You Brewdee” Pang for the Lim skit…Fantastic!

    And last but not least Santo…..What can I say but keep it “VALID”

    Great show guys, keep up the good work.

    Working Dog fans from years back.

    George and Gaz

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