Mick Molloy Returning for Before The Game

Source: Ch 10

Other than Santo, Sam and Ed’s Sports Fever!, The Late Show‘s other sports nut regular Mick Molloy is returning to the small screen for more AFL commentary for Channel 10’s Before The Game.

Molloy returns with fellow footy enthusiasts Dave Hughes, Anthony “Lehmo” Lehmann, Samantha Lane, Andrew Maher and Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald for some serious AFL banter and ranter, in time for the 2012 AFL Premiership season. As always, a side dish of comedy will be served up to compensate for the fan base of humour.

Before The Game will return to the screen Saturday March 24 from 6:30pm on Channel 10 only in Melbourne, and ONE HD for the rest of the country.


    • carringbush on May 24, 2012 at 12:00 pm
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    Re: The incident involving the Collingwood fan being hit in the face by a ball kicked by Scott Pendlebury

    Pendle’s first goal kick did not hit me as the vision would have everyone in Australia believe it did. The ball missed me by a country mile as the person sitting on one of the white chairs in front of the fence jumped up and marked the ball. If you slow the vision down frame by frame you will see his hand between the ball and my face. The reaction I showed on the vision was a reaction to his hand coming from nowhere and not the result of the ball hitting my face. The only pain I’ve had has been from the ribbing all the kids at my school have been giving to me. All the senior boys have been constantly reminding me all this week that I should’ve had my hands up to take the mark. I haven’t been to the local pub yet, so I fear for the reaction and ribbing coming from the punters.

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