Sports Fever! S01E09 Review

Source: 7Mate

Episode 9 of Sandra, Simone and Elle’s Sports Fever! hopped along after a hernia operation and a 30 month dry run. Summarising the One Day International Cricket within a few minutes that would make a New Zealand spectator stay awake for more than five minutes, the start of  the AFL season launch was bounced down, and Tommy Raudonikis just didn’t rate the NRL at all. The round ball – Soccer – received its regular reports update.

Santo Cilauro introduced a new segment – Dive Dive Dive – which showed all the hallmarks of the Cup Fever! Rivaldo Award. The regular Silky Skills made an extra long appearance due to clumsy nominations. While we were shown that chicken parmigiana is a specialty serve during Women’s Boxing, Special guest Olympic Swimmer Michael Klim joined the desk to explain his failed olympic try-out comeback and new Olympic Swimming contenders.

Sam Pang ripped open the Sports Fever! Mailbag to respond to viewer Sonya’s ‘complaint’ about the guys cracking lame jokes – so they responded with the Seoul Running Marathon. Regular journo Chris Jones swung by for more round-up of sports which Santo, Sam and Ed Kavalee may have missed, getting a dirty joke in by accident over Tiger Woods.. but he blew it. Squash champion Donna Urquart was put into the Aussie Bronze hall-of-fame, with “Frank and Frank” report back to Sports Fever! via satellite for more prancing horse routines. The ever-popular Bin Night popped up, with most jokes bouncing their way into the bin.

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