What used to be on just before The Late Show?

I remember sitting through an entire episode of Birds of a Feather before The Late Show aired, aged 15/16. I meticulously set up the VHS with a blank tape, and made sure that the aerial was set up correctly to avoid any interference. The remote control was in hand, ready for me to hit record just a few seconds before the ABC ident started, lest I accidentally miss the first few seconds of the actual show. Anyway, this old TV Week program guide from October 1992 proves that it wasn’t always Birds of a Feather before The Late Show. There are also plenty of other cultural references during this Saturday night’s TV programming for you to enjoy! Click to view full-size image.

The Late Show in context.


    • Daniel Hopmans on April 18, 2012 at 3:20 am
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    Notice how they listed it as ‘D-Gen, The Late Show’?

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