AQFB Article: How Melbourne Became Cool


If you have seen the film Any Questions For Ben? you’d notice how Director Rob Sitch captures the essence of Melbourne.

In  fact, journalist Angela Saurine has done one further, and had a one-on-one chat with Sitch to get a rundown on some of the best hot spots of Melbourne.

From cafes to rooftop cinemas, exploring Melbourne’s all hidden nooks and crannies is a measure on itself. But once you’ve found a few cool spots, you can’t stop exploring.

While Melbourne’s CBD was quiet in the 1970s and ’80s, with groovy cafes and restaurants setting up in the inner suburbs instead, it has since been transformed.

“A lot of the people who started those things discovered all the laneways of Melbourne and reinvented the city,” Sitch says. “That was a surprise to everyone … at that time, the back lanes just had skips in them.”

One of Sitch’s favourite streets is Degraves St, off Flinders Lane.

“You can wind your way north from Flinders St and you will probably get your biggest taste of it,” he says.

You can check out the entire article here. Now hop to seeing Any Questions For Ben? and book your flight to Melbourne now!

(Disclaimer: this is not a paid endorsement for Melbourne Tourism… but it doesn’t hurt to go visit.)

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