The Castle Now on Blu-Ray

Scooped straight from the punnet.

Today (12/12/12) marks the release of Working Dog‘s first effort onto the silver screen, everyone’s favourite Aussie film, The Castle on Blu-Ray. 

Just a couple of days out from it’s official 15 year anniversary of release, after the original transition to DVD years ago, and a ‘re-mastered and replastered’ DVD re-release, the cherished film that put Bonnydoon on the map with its scenic views and serenity has been given the Blu-Ray treatment.

Unfortunately this site does not presently have a copy to review the Kerrigan Family fighting for their castle because ‘it’s the vibe’, so if you have recently purchased your own version of the film on Blu-Ray, feel free to review in the comments below. 

Is it the original film? or did they use the ‘degrained’ re-mastered edition on Blu-Ray? Are there any Extras?  With the Blu-Ray edition, a digital copy is included so you can take The Castle with you anywhere you want on your portable digital device that you bought for $20 from The Trading Post.

So dust off the mantlepiece and place this version along side your other 2 DVDs and VHS version of The Castle in the pool room.

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