The Champagne Comedy forum is back!

The Champagne Comedy forum has been online since March 2003. While there hasn’t been much action on the boards for the last few years, if there’s anything you want to know about The Late Show, D-Generation or Working Dog, chances are it’s somewhere on there, along with a lot of banter, friendships and fun stories — particularly from the Get This era.

This is The Late Show News and heading our bulletin tonight…the Champagne Comedy Forum is back!

After a few months of being offline due to technical issues with the migration (it’s a very old forum after all) we are back! So, if you want a trip down memory lane, have a browse! Some edited highlights to start you off:

Things that make you think of The Late Show – a megathread

Things that make you think of Get This – another megathread

Favourite The Late Show quotes

Favourite The Late Show moments

Bring back The Late Show – a petition!

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