We’ve made a ChampagneComedy.com Podcast

Since 1996, ChampagneComedy.com has existed online in one form or another – dating all the way back to GeoCities and dial-up.

It was with the passion of admin Kim that this website was created, as there was little information online based on our favourite comedy troupe – The D-Generation / Working Dog. Before the days of social media, YouTube, and any other form of digital information – there was nowhere that would allow fans of The Late Show come online and find out the latest gossip, news, or sharing scans lifted from TV Hits magazine.

As the site expanded, a forum was generated and more fans came on board, sharing and swapping funny radio spots, TV commercials, merchandise and any news on what Rob Sitch, Tom Gleisner, Santo Cilauro, Tony Martin, Mick Molloy, Jane Kennedy, Jason Stephens and Judith Lucy were up to. As time moved on and the internet became more of a second-nature to be part of everyday life, more people found ChampagneComedy.com and have used it as a rich resource.

We expanded too – popping up on Facebook in 2008 and on Twitter in 2011, where we have united more and more fans to share the fun times that the team have made for all of us everyday Australians (and International observers).

Now, ChampagneComedy.com expands even further – we’ve created a fan podcast, for the fans, by the fans.

Named the Champagne Comedy Podcast – each episode unites a handful of regular contributors to this site over the years on Zoom (or what program is available) and discuss fan commentary and observation on each episode, from the very beginning, as well as other projects that Working Dog and the others have worked on.

So if you’re keen on some escapism and think of a time in your life when watching The Late Show on TV was the best thing in the world, please dust off your worn bootleg VHS tape and join us by subscribing to our podcast on your favourite podcast host below!

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