The Late Show on YouTube

The Late Show on YouTube now? Yas-sir!

The Late Show on YouTube now?

For years, you (and us) – the dedicated fan, have dealt with wearing out your VHS tapes of the Best Bits of The Late Show.

In 2001, the release of the Best Bits as Champagne Edition DVDs with added extras.

Then in 2007 Bargearse and The Olden Days received a release on DVD with even more extras and easter eggs.

But you’ve never had the opportunity to carry around your DVDs to show to your friends when you start randomly quoting a scene. Or you drive past Captain Cook’s Cabin, only to giggle because all you think of is Moorabbin, resulting in trying to explain to the uneducated what the connection was. Or you lent out your DVDs to friends, only to not get them back. Or you’re at a friend’s dinner party, trying to explain why you keep talking about Mount Everest.

DVD players aren’t the most accessible thing, but guess what?

You can now turn to the official YouTube channel of The Late Show for your Champagne sketch comedy needs!

No longer do you need to rely on poor quality video-dubbed transfers. The good people at Working Dog have joined forces with Valleyarm and MCN Melbourne to get our favourite moments onto the interwebs in high quality – enough for you to enjoy without blowing your bandwidth budget. If you look hard enough, you’ll see the full length and uncut Bargearse, The Olden Days and episodes of Charlie the Wonderdog.

Subscribe: The Late Show YouTube

Rumours are too that there may be other videos surfacing from the vault, so make sure you click the link above to subscribe for updates.

But wait – there’s more!!

The radio serial-turn-6 episode series starring Cassie, Grant, Stix and Poncho – aka the 1995 ABC show Funky Squad has made the way to the internets too!

Subscribe: Funky Squad YouTube

With all 6 full episodes at your own viewing peril, watch the crime-fighting team breaking down barriers and kick butt!

Make sure you still get the DVD – as there’s a bonus Funky Squad comic embedded within, viewable by PC/Mac.

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