Tony Martin sings ‘Summer Of 69’ as Blakey

Blakey from “On The Buses” and Tony Martin – just not in that order.

Alright you lot – this post was due out 10 minutes ago!

As part of 3RRR’s Radiothon fundraising drive, in which listeners contribute funds to subscribe to one of the largest community radio stations in Australia, there is not a lack of names that appear on the station.

With a deep, rich history of talent passing through the doors since 1976, the D-Generation members are regulars in the hallways – whether broadcasting their own shift, or being a guest.

On Tuesday 21st August, Tony Martin joined his good friend Dave Graney on his show Banana Lounge Broadcasting, and was enticed to help raise subscriptions by singing the Bryan Adams classic, Summer Of 69.

While the song itself is a running joke to the legions of Martin fans, the bonus was that Martin would sing the song as Blakey from the UK classic TV series On The Buses.

To listen to the entire episode, visit the 3RRR On Demand link here. While you’re there, SUBSCRIBE and keep the dream alive (and possibly more impressions).


  1. Classic.

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