Tony, Mick, D-Gen In Top 30 FM Stars Of All Time List

Radio industry website Radio Today has released the final Top 10 FM radio stars from the launch of commercial radio in 1980.

From the professional view of radio veteran Brad March, who has many years working with the majority of talent that are in the Top 30 listing, our (yes, biased) favourites Mick Molloy came in at Number 17 with his hard work on Triple M’s Melbourne Breakfast show The Hot Breakfast as well as previous shows such as Tough Love and Martin/Molloy.  The D-Generation team popped up at Number 15 with their classic Breakfast show back in the day when Triple M Melbourne was known as EON FM, and not to forget a touch of Bulltwang by some of that cast. Tony Martin showed up at Number 10 for his hard work on The D-Generation‘s previously mentioned breakfast show, as well as Bulltwang on Triple M, Martin/Molloy on the Today Network, and the “most recent” Get This on Triple M.

Now, here’s the zinger.

Brad couldn’t exactly sum up the Top 2 too easily, so in equal second place, Tony and Mick’s show Martin/Molloy and Hamish & Andy with Hamish Blake and Andy Lee – both on the Today Network. Even though Martin/Molloy set the staple drive show in the 90s, Hamish & Andy have always claimed that Martin/Molloy was their major influence for their successful show. Seems like a Win/Win from here!

I won’t spoil who is Number 1, so to check the entire Top 30 listing (which you definitely will and will not agree with), visit the Radio Today site. If you have your own Top 30 (or Top 10 if you’re unsure), comment below or in the forum.

Now how about some celebration music – the theme to Martin/Molloy!?!

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