Two Entries In “The Guide” Birthday Celebrations

Who are these hornbags?

This is just pure evidence again that the guys aren’t just fantastic hard workers, but they leave a mark in the entertainment industry.

Fairfax’s TV/Radio/Movie liftout The Guide celebrate 30 years of publishing in the Sydney Morning Herald and sister papers. Critics Michael Idato and Greg Hassall have dissected and filtered through the last 30 years of television that has graced our CRTs and LCDs, picking one show to represent each year.

Not surprisingly, the show that started it all for Working Dog, The D-Generation, represents 1986 – the first year of the show. However, if you skip to 1992 and 1993, there is no entry of The Late Show. 1992 is represented by possibly the first ever Australian reality show Sylvania Waters (in which The Late Show never ceased to take the piss out of), and 1993 had the US drama cop show Homicide: Life On The Street (which was its own version of HBO’s classic The Wire, back in the days). However, just when you think “What? That’s it? Un-bulleave-able Neville!”, there’s another entry from the Working Dog offices.

But I won’t ruin it for you… just keep clicking!

View the list here.

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