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Nearly every sketch comedy show – without fail – create their own song parodies. Most of the piss-takes are around songs or artists which are popular at the time. Sometimes the parody songs are that funny and entertaining, they can out-do the actual song. Even to the point that when you hear the original, you can’t help but sing the parody version of it.

Throughout the two years of broadcast, The Late Show paid a beautiful homage to popular songs and artists. Covering the tune, the band’s image, and even mimicking the video clip, they couldn’t go wrong.

Here’s a list of video clips that were parodied:

Season One

Ep 3: Sarah Brightman and José Carreras – Amigos Para Siempre
Ep 13: Harry Connick Jr (generic tune)
Ep 15: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge
Ep 20: Frente – Accidentally Kelly Street (Accidentally Was Released)

Season Two

Ep 4: Things Of Stone & Wood – Happy Birthday Helen (We’re Out Of Melbourne Cliches)
Ep 7: Cameron Daddo – Fifteen Minutes Of Fame (Four And A Half Minutes Of Shit)
Ep 8: Peter Andre – Gimme A Little Sign (It’s A Repetitious Song Girl)
Ep 9: Snow – Informer (Inform Me)
Ep 12 : Ween – Push The Lil Daisies (Sing Like A Dickhead And Dance Like A Duck)
Ep 14: Dannii Minogue – This Is It (Holy Shit)
Ep 15: The Sharp – Scratch My Back (Skivvies Are Back)
Ep 16: Madonna – Rain (Same)
Ep 18: Billy Joel – River Of Dreams (End Of My Career)
Ep 19: R.E.M – Everybody Hurts

Just a side note – the above does not include the other songs parodied on the show, such as Tony Martin singing his version of R.E.M – Stand, Rob Sitch impersonating Elton John, and others.

Enjoy the playlist!


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