Undiscovered Masterpieces: Martin Molloy win at 1999 ARIA Awards

As previously highlighted in this post, we promised to share with you the video of when Tony Martin and Mick Molloy won their third ARIA for Eat Your Peas – a comedy compilation of their radio bits from their Martin/Molloy radio days on the Austereo Network.

Well, the official ARIA YouTube channel finally released the clip from the 1999 award ceremony. For those do don’t remember it, here is Mikey Robins and Steve Abbott’s alter ego The Sandman presenting the award.

But, there’s a twist… they were also up against The Late Show alumni Judith Lucy!

We’re not sure why they didn’t turn up, but nonetheless, you can now collect the whole set of Martin/Molloy ARIA wins!

Oh, and if you’re asking “Why isn’t Martin/Molloy on Spotify, itunes etc…?” It’s down to a combo of legal reasons, and some lawyers believe that the odd person will think some very dated news references happen today (imaginary rats, anyone?)

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