When Kenny L met Tommy G

Regular reader and The Late Show fan Kenny Lu has shared a recent meeting with Working Dog cast Tom Gleisner at Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), in which Gleisner himself is co-founder of Learning For Life – a centre which helps children with autism reach their full potential.

Dear The Late Show team,

Yes Tom Gleisner came to the talk and it was quite good and it was a good experience I have ever had and it was good there was a talk at Aspect about his life and I do like The Late Show so much.

I experienced the talk very well and Tom Gleisner did do a talk at Aspect and I really like it then.

The photos was posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for you to see.

I enjoyed the talk the talk was good and I experienced it it was great.

Tom Gleisner poses with fan Kenny Lu

Thank you for sharing, Kenny!

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