The Banal of The Panel

From the Champagne Comedy archives:

Step back to the year 2000. We’re on the borderline of our tax system switching over to the GST.  The Working Dog team are riding high on the decade of achievements they’ve produced, such as The Late Show, Frontline, Funky Squad, A River Somewhere, The Castle and the upcoming The Dish and All Aussie Adventures. Their current project – a late night chat show The Panel is a ratings winner.

Only satire magazine MAD knows how to pull punches. In issue 377, which came out at the change-over of June 30 / July 1 2000 where the financial year triggered the GST Australia-wide, Artist Warren Taylor and Writer D.J. Williams lampoon Tom Gleisner, Glenn Robbins, Rob Sitch, Kate Langbroek and Santo Cilauro on a two-page spread.

and here’s a screen grab of a random episode (really!!), which scarily is close to their clothing design…

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