Aug 23

A trip down memory lane: old Late Show clippings!

I have rediscovered a treasure-trove of clippings from The Late Show days, kept in a folder for 21 whole years – because that’s what 16 and 17 year olds did back then, as we didn’t have the ability to scan them and put them on the internet. (We also photocopied them at the school library, in black and white, for distribution.) Old clippings, I release you from your stagnant dwelling! May future generations enjoy your revelations!

I’ll be uploading the gold to the site on a regular basis! Today’s installment is called “Well Suited” and stars Rob Sitch and Santo Cilauro. Is it any wonder most of my friends had a crush on members of The Late Show cast back then?

Well-Suited: Rob Sitch and Santo Cilauro

Rob Sitch and Santo Cilauro in The Australian Good Weekend magazine, August  28 1993

Rob Sitch and Santo Cilauro in The Australian Good Weekend magazine, August 28 1993


They met 12 years ago at the time of the 1981 Melbourne Law Revue when Rob was in the cast and Santo was making filmed segments for the show.
“I was trying to get things in focus,” says Santo, “while Rob was trying to crack on to my girlfriend. He didn’t succeed; she’s now my wife.”
During the years they’ve been friends, Rob and Santo have worked together constantly. “Looking back, we have been through some really tough times, but that has only strengthened our
friendship,” says Rob. They spend a lot of time together, even when they’re not at work.
What’s the best thing about your best friend? Santo: “The best thing about Rob? His ingenuity in
the most difficult situations.” Rob: “Most brilliant people develop a cynical streak. Santo doesn’t have that.” What’s worst about him? Santo: “His taste in music.”
Rob: “Santa can’t gossip accurately. The decimal point is never in the right place.”
How does he look in a suit? Santo: “Most of our working life is spent in a suit, and at the ABC the suits always seem to be beige. I prefer him in beige.”
Rob: “Italians have a big margin of error available to them. They look good in anything stylish. He looks better in a more classic cut.”
Santo is wearing a Hugo Boss navy pinstripe suit ($845), Hugo Boss cotton shirt ($139), belt by Boss ($119) and a Grieves and Hawkes silk tie ($99.95). Rob wears a Boss navy singlebreasted
suit ($695), a Hugo Boss cotton shirt ($99.50) and a Zegna silk tie ($109.50).

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  1. Scott McPhee

    Good Weekend. I guess anyone who reads that on a regular basis, would not be a budget conscious shopper when it comes to smart casual clothing.

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