Damn, I’m still in Glenrowan!

Thanks SO much to Lucas Buck for sending me this picture of the Glenrowan ‘attraction’. Lucas writes: “When a friend and I went up to Sydney to watch Australia qualify for the soccer World Cup we stopped off at Glenrowan and took this picture from outside the infamous business portrayed oh so well by Tony & Mick. I thought it might go okay on the ChampagneComedy website.”

Too right. Click the image for a fuller version!

Socceroos hunt for Late Show episodes

Thanks SO MUCH to Dufflecoat Supreme for finding this rare mention of The Late Show in the Age:

Mark, Santo Show

MARK Viduka [of the Australian World Cup team, the Socceroos] is another who will return home with good memories, albeit not necessarily from his field exploits. On one occasion during a player-media get-together he spotted TV personality Santo Cilauro. Obviously a fan from way back, Viduka asked Cilauro, who starred in the 1990s comedy sketch The Late Show, did he have any copies of the show with him in Germany. Told that he didn’t, Viduka responded: “Come on Santo, you must have some, you must. The boys really need to see some.” Obviously disappointed that Cilauro couldn’t help, Viduka walked away but got just 20 metres before he turned back and yelled: “Santo, you know the sketch where you had the guy who was your uncle? That was really funny.”

Russell on Shirty

Russell Crowe discusses his role as Shirty the Slightly Aggressive Bear on Mick Molloy’s Tough Love show. Check out the podcast.

‘The Castle’ Bonnie Doon house up for sale

Darryl Kerrigan’s ‘Castle at Bonnie Doon’ holiday home is up for sale at $195,000 (a steal if you ask me). As featured in the hit Working Dog movie, The Castle.

 Check out the real estate description:

Darryl Kerrigan’s Castle at Bonnie Doon from the movie ‘The Castle’

A fantastic opportunity to purchase a local icon and reap the rewards. Turn the property into an accommodation business with extra sales with promotional T-shirts, stubby holders, hats, key rings, etc. All you need is a bit of drive and vision and you will feel the serenity.

Frontline series 2 and 3 DVDs

23 March 2006 sees Frontline series 2 and 3 out on DVD after years of waiting! Starring Rob Sitch as Mike Moore and Jane Kennedy as Brooke Vandenberg. Thanks to the forum members BenG and Kichigai for alerting us to this important event.

The DVD of Frontline series 1 was devoid of any extras so we aren’t expecting much from this series, but hey – perhaps we’ll be pleasantly surprised!

For those who never got to watch the three Frontline series, which aired in the mid 90s, it was a biting, satirical take on the current affairs formula prevalent on Australian TV screens in shows like A Current Affair, Real Life and 60 minutes. In fact, it was ‘The Office’ of its day, with its fly-on-the-wall ‘reality TV style’ comedy. The spin and deception that goes into producing a current affairs show was skillfully deconstructed—what appears to be a worthy topic being broadcast to the masses is, thanks to the Frontline’s top cast, stripped to pieces and revealed as being nothing more than ratings-grabbing, sensationalist tat.

January 22, 2006

Tanya Blencowe clip online

In February 1994, when I was in year 12, a group of girls in our year took Tanya “in the year 2000” Blencowe hostage, who’d just joined the school (as a year sevener) a couple of weeks before. It’s on tape. For those of you who don’t remember Jane’s famous parody of Tanya … well, bad luck to you. Here’s the video clip of the carnival hijack in action.


Where you least expect it

I was at a Christmas party yesterday where there were quite a few of us Antipodeans and I heard this girl Delia say, ‘…kinda like The Late Show or D-Generation humour.’ I then proceeded to get quite excited by the fact that people still like the show.

Apparently, Delia (hello, if you finally found this page) was like me in that she stayed in and watched the show at 10pm, by herself after saying goodnight to her mum. She didn’t quite understand how we were fans when we weren’t from Melbourne, but I didn’t need to listen to any 1990 breakfast show to ‘get’ the D-Gen when TLS burst on to the scene.

Then this other girl Alana overheard us talking and quietly said, ‘Excuse me, but are you two talking about The Late Show? I loved that show!’ Alana then proceeded to do her best Tanya Blencowe expression.

It was quite funny as other people had no idea what we were talking about, especially the English people, but I often get that glazed look on my face when people talk about sport (much like Tony does).

Anyway, the moral of the story is, LATE SHOW FANS EXIST WHERE YOU LEAST EXPECT IT.

In other news, don’t forget that Steve has revised his Late Show page (UPDATE 2011: Site has since closed) and there’s even a new sponsor (I really encourage you to take a look!).

That’s all for now – have a merry Christmas everyone and make sure your Christmas tree doesn’t explode!

Hi Tony!

Forum regular Pete The Clown managed to get a word in edgewise with Tony Martin after volunteering to be an extra on the BoyTown Aria day. Among other things, Pete says on the forum that “hopefully he will check [this website] soon as the last time he checked for stuff about himself on the net was to read reviews for Bad Eggs, most of which were pretty ordinary by memory”. Read all about it here.

So, Tony, if you’re reading, thanks for the mayhem and laughter you gave us during The Late Show years and beyond… from all of us! And we hope you get a chance to post something on the forum too.

Here are some photos of Pete with Tony! Dare I say… spot the difference!

Who was your favourite?

Who was your favourite Late Show personality? Vote in our poll (registered users only)!

Your favourite Late Show personality

Thanks for putting it online BeerStud2!

Late Show Caps

Steve has found a great deal on embroidered Late Show Caps. We’d love to buy the originals but they don’t make them any more. Steve’s NOT making a profit on them and they’ll cost you $16.50 plus $5 postage, anywhere in Australia.