Rob Sitch in Kath & Kimderella

Old school fellow friends of The Late Show crew Jane Turner, Gina Riley and Magda Szubanski have just released the full length trailer to the foxy ladies of Fountain Lakes fillum – Kath & Kimderella.

Kath & Kimbegan as minor characters on the short lived sketch comedy show Big Girls Blouse and Something Stupid in the mid to late 1990s, which spawned into their own 4 season series on the ABC and Channel 7 with major success. The show has been that popular, close friends of the trio have popped up, such as Marg Downey, Barry Humphries, Matt Lucas, Rove McManus, Kylie Minogue and others. But of course, other Late Show members have appeared, such as Tony Martin (as the boyfriend of Magda’s character Sharon’s boyfriend), Mick Molloy (as Kath’s ex husband and Kim’s father), Judith Lucy and Rob Sitch.

With the success of the 2005 Kath & Kim TV movie Da Kath & Kim Code and the US transfer of the series (which sadly flopped – you just can’t translate this type of humour!) the full length feature film Kath & Kimderella is around the corner, with the full trailer officially released… and look who’s in it as one of the main characters!

Looks like someone has stood on the summit of Mt Everest a few dozen times before…

Kath & Kimderella is out at cinemas September 6, 2012.

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