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Oct 23

Aaaannnnd Today!….

After 6 years of using an old system which didn’t get upgraded, we missed the boat and had to do things the hard way. With a front page that didn’t get updated much, being spammed like no tomorrow, and other dilemmas, we employed Geoff & Terry Bailey for $50 to give us a makeover we …

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Jan 25

Champagne Comedy – welcome!

Hi everyone! Are you a fan of The Late Show? Did you Endure Birds of a Feather which came on just before The Late Show, just so you could set the VCR to record every precious second of the show? Get a copy of the Best of DVDs or VCRs from an older sibling and become hooked …

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Dec 17

Merry Christmas Champagne Comedy fans!

To everyone who has supported this site by visiting the forums and participating in the brilliant discussion, we salute you! 2007 has been the biggest year for the Champagne Comedy site and its illustrious forums. Let me give you a small sampling of highlights from the website and the D-Generation world: In the members’ only forum, …

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Feb 25

Champagnecomedy.com is two

February 2007 marked Champagne Comedy’s second birthday; although my original Late Show page on Geocities has been online for – wait for it – more than TEN YEARS. The fact that The Late Show still entertains and endures proves how talented the D-Gen alumni are. I’m also ecstatic that a couple of new forum members who …

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Feb 21

Welcome to the new Late Show site

Welcome to Champagne Comedy: The Late Show fan pages. Remember the zany Australian comedy series which aired at 10pm on Saturday nights during 1992-1993? Well, this is the website dedicated to reliving the classic moments of the series! We’ll have scripts, analyses, a discussion forum, news updates, clips, quotes from old news articles, photographs, episode exchanges …

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