Thank God You’re Here returns for 2023

It’s something in the Working Dog-iverse (we made that up) that the team tends to not revisit their projects after they’ve moved on. But that theory was destroyed when Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures returned for a third season in 2018 after a many-a-year hiatus. Now, after a 14 year break, the theatresports themed Thank God You’re Here is returning to our TV sets in 2023 for a new season.

Originally presented by Shane Bourne and judged by Tom Gleisner, the basis of the show presented four personalities from various forms of entertainment, dressing them up in a particular costume and showing them the blue door to enter a random scenario, acting out and responding to the characters around them with hilarious results.

Seasons One to Three were screened on Channel 10 between 2006 to 2007, until Channel 7 brought the blue door over for a Season Four in 2009. Now, Channel 10 have brought the blue door back home for Season Five.

Not much is known at the moment if Gleisner is returning as Judge, but Have You Been Paying Attention? regular and Utopia cast member Celia Pacquola will be taking hosting duties of the show.

The show was so successful, that it has been sold overseas and adapted in various countries. You can follow the official social media accounts for updates – as well as a launch date. You can register to be an audience member here.

Update 2023-07-18: Returning Wednesday August 2nd, 2023.


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