‘Get This’ featured on Mastermind


You know how this site is 100% dedicated to all things The D-GenerationThe Late Show and other spin-offs from the main cast? You wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case… one fan has taken his passion for all things funny to a whole new level.

From 2006 to 2007, Tony Martin hosted a radio show on Triple M called Get This, alongside Ed Kavalee and panel operator Richard Marsland.  With 358 episodes broadcast, the show gained a cult following until it was axed, mainly due to being ‘too successful’ for the station. You can get a more detailed debrief and episodes here.

With running jokes galore, and along with the internet and bootleg recordings, the show lived on, creating new fans along the way. 12 years later, ‘This is dizzy stuff, folks!’, ‘How do ya like yer eggs?’, and altered song lyrics still get quoted to this day to anyone involved with the show.

Dedicated fan Stephen Donohue went one further and showed his appreciation to the show by featuring on quiz / trivia show Mastermind, hosted by Jennifer Byrne on SBS. Here’s a snippet (no spoilers):

Good on you, Stephen! It’s funny to hear inside jokes being asked as questions.

Pity he wasn’t asked about a famous composer beginning with ‘M’ and ending in ‘Z A R T’.

For the full episode, watch SBS On Demand here. You have roughly 4 years to view it.

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